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Perth Amboy First for City Council Newsletter (#2)

When Did Candidate Cueto Move to Perth Amboy—and Why You Should Care

We all want honesty in government. So what does it mean when the first act of a candidate running for office is a dishonest one? If you want to run for city council in Perth Amboy, you must live here at least one year before the election. For this November’s election, that means at least since November 2017. The mayor’s council candidate, Alana Cueto, indicated that she met that requirement on papers filed with local and county authorities. But a close look at her voting record shows that she voted (and lived) in Marlboro and Carteret for most of the last ten years, and likely in Carteret last November—not in Perth Amboy. Perth Amboy First has filed a complaint, alleging that Cueto is not eligible to run for city council in Perth Amboy this November, because she does not meet the residency requirement. We’re still waiting for an answer. Stay tuned.

Councilman Caba Says Mayor Diaz Is Dishonest and Shady
With Mayor Wilda Diaz looking on from a seat at the back of the city council chambers, Councilman Helmin Caba recently read a statement blasting her as deceitful, calculating, and lacking in both integrity and leadership. “In 2016, I decided to run for Perth Amboy City Council on Mayor Wilda Diaz’s ticket,” Caba said. “It is a decision I now regret.” The last straw for Caba came when the mayor and her sister Nancy launched a series of vicious attacks against Council President Bill Petrick because of 2016 Facebook posts. Caba revealed that the moral outrage of the mayor and her sister was phony, given that they knew about the postings two years ago, but decided to save them to use later against Petrick. In the meantime, the mayor wasn’t too outraged to ask for and receive funds and political support from Petrick. She also supported Petrick for city council president in early 2017. “So why the outrage now and not back in 2016?” Caba asked. “This speaks volumes on the shadiness of Mayor Diaz, her sister Nancy, and her inner circle.” It’s bad enough that she controls city hall. Don’t give her control of the council too. Keep the council independent—and honest. Vote LINE O on Nov. 6.

Action on Kushner Landings Property Long Overdue
Have you taken a look at our waterfront near Landings lately? It looks like a wasteland—rocks and garbage scattered over acres of vacant land. Almost 20 years have passed since the Kushners (yes, those Kushners) initially proposed a high-end development there. Only two buildings were built before the original project was abandoned. Residents had to sue Kushner for repairs due to shoddy construction. In the meantime, the Kushners spent millions elsewhere, while proposing high-density rental units (600 of ‘em) for our waterfront. When the city council insisted that the city deserved better, the Kushners sued. Those types of antics have gotten the Kushners thrown out of other cities—not Perth Amboy. Twenty years, and we’re still bending over backwards to oblige the Kushners—while prime waterfront land remains a vacant eyesore. Is this really Working for You?

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